MonkeyDev 非越狱逆向环境下安装

MonkeyDev 是一个非常好的 iOS 逆袭开发软件,集成了很多优秀的逆向开发工具。安装方法也是很简单的,GitHub 上给出了详细的安装文档,因为我主要是非越狱设备下进行逆向,所以有几个步骤可以省略。


sudo git clone --recursive /opt/theos

注意:xcode-select -p 为安装到默认的Xcode 如需指定安装,参考 GitHub 上的教程使用 sudo xcode-select -s 进行安装。

sudo xcode-select -p
sudo /bin/sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"


sudo /bin/sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"


sudo /bin/sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"



从 Internet Archive Wayback Machine 中移除/删除你的网站

Internet Archive 这个网站有一个功能叫 Wayback Machine 它对全世界所有的网页进行了备份保存,任何人都可以通过 查找到一个网站的过去,即使他已经删除。如果你想把你的站点从 Wayback Machine 清除,让任何人都无法查看到网站的过去,方法也是很简单的。

在你的站点根目录新建一个 robots.txt 文件,然后添加对应的规则,该文件的意义在于告诉搜索引擎不要抓取我的网站。

User-agent: ia_archiver
Disallow: /

如果你不会操作,可以去搜索关键词【robots.txt 生成】然后就可以找到你的答案。

做好第一步只是会告诉 Wayback Machine 不要在抓取我的网站,那么已经抓取的内容还是会保留在 Wayback Machine 中提供查询。这时我们就要进入第二步操作。

编写邮件发送到 [email protected] 我从 Google 中搜到了两个邮箱,为了保险起见,给 [email protected] 也发一份。注意:发送邮件推荐使用 Gmail 国产邮箱比如QQ邮箱之前我试过会出现退信的情况。内容参考以下格式,注意替换掉内容中关键信息。

收件人:[email protected],[email protected]
主题:Remove site from Internet Archive
内容:Hi, my name is Eric(替换) owner of替换). I’m officially requesting immediate removal of the替换) site/domain from and the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

We have placed the User-agent: ia_archiver Disallow: / code in our robots.txt file which is not being followed.

发送完成以后你会收到一封来自 [email protected] 的回信。


The Internet Archive can exclude websites from the Wayback Machine (, but we first respectfully request that you help us verify that you are the site owner or content author of both domains/URLs by doing any one of the following for each:

(Note: Some of these options can be in reference to the content located in prior Wayback Machine captures, or documentation you may have related to that time period.)

  • post your request on the current version of the site (and send us a link).
  • send your request from the main email contact listed on the site and show us where it can be located (if one is present).
  • send a request from the registrant's email (if publicly viewable on a WHOIS lookup you can link us to) or webmaster’s email listed on the site.
  • point us to where your personal information (name, point of contact, image of self) appears on the site in a way that identifies you as owner of the site or author of the content you wish to have excluded - in this instance, we ask to verify your identity via a scan of a valid photo ID (sensitive information such as birth date, address, or phone number can be redacted).
  • forward to us communication from a hosting company or registrar addressed to you as owner of the domain.

(Note: The simple mention of someone's name/alias/handle/username, and/or a hyperlink/redirect between sites/pages/accounts in itself is typically not sufficient to have archives excluded.)

If none of these options are available to you, please let us know in a reply to this email.

We would be grateful if you would help us preserve as much of the archive as possible. Therefore, please let us know if there are only specific URLs or directories about which you are concerned so that we may leave the rest of the archives available.

As you may know, Internet Archive is a non-profit digital library, seeking to maintain via the Wayback Machine a freely accessible historical record of the Internet. The material in the archives are not exploited by Internet Archive for commercial profit.

The Internet Archive Team

大致的意思就是需要验证你的身份,证明你是网站的所有者。邮件中列出了几个方法,这里就不一一去讲,最方便的是用域名 WHOIS 中可以查询到的公开邮箱去发送邮件给他们,我记得好像是去年 WHOIS 中就不允许出现邮箱了,所有该方法不推荐使用。

我用的方法是在根目录新建一个 remove-site.html 的文件。

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>Remove site from Internet Archive</title>
<p>I want remove this site from Wayback Machine.</p>


thank you..




The sites/URLs referenced in your email below have now been submitted for exclusion from the Wayback Machine at

Please allow up to a day for the automated portions of the process to run their course and for the changes to take effect. If you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know.

The Internet Archive Team



This URL has been excluded from the Wayback Machine.